Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed is the newest member of the City Gospel Movements team.

He is a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University in Arizona where he studied Communications and Minored in Biblical Studies. He has a passion for the gospel and a love for the Church.

Spencer is the City Gospel Movements Coordinator at The Luis Palau Association. This current position allows him to use his skills to support the team, build relationships with city leaders, and elevate evangelism efforts in cities around the world.

Spencer loves to fish, hike, and ride his motorcycle during the Portland summers. In the winter, you can find him cozied up with tea and a good book. He also loves Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A, but who doesn’t!

Spencer’s Favorite Resources:

  • The Portland Evangelism Report highlights nine key findings discovered through 50 interviews with local Portland-area pastors. Each finding includes quotes from local pastors, a detailed explanation, and actionable reflection questions.
  • Exploring Evangelism Myths podcast series, especially the first episode, Evangelism is unethical. Should we even be evangelizing? In this episode, we explore why people feel uneasy about sharing their faith.