Chief of Police Knows the Hope of Collaboration, Do You?

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By: Solidarity
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Fullerton, California is seeing its most distraught neighborhoods transformed as non-profit organizations and churches are working together with civic leaders. Dan Hughes, former Fullerton Chief of Police, has worked in the city for thirty years and shares why he is excited about what is happening in Fullerton through collaboration.

About the Author

Solidarity is a non-profit organization in Fullerton, California, that strengthens urban communities by challenging current realities through leadership, education, enterprise, advocacy, and discipleship. What began in the fall of 2000 with eight college students gathered in a tiny apartment talking about how to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to their community has led to moving into the neighborhoods people want to leave in order to see transformation happen from the inside out. Solidarity works and lives in low income, diverse neighborhoods in Fullerton--specifically, the Garnet and Maple neighborhoods. Through teaching, preaching, service projects, mission's trainings and through partnerships that help Churches develop their outreach programs, Solidarity adds value to and strengthens the local church.

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