A Renewed Call To Evangelism at Luis Palau Association

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Working in partnership with the Luis Palau Association, Hope, the Evangelical Alliance and many other like-minded ministries and organisations, we’re gearing up for Advance 2020 – a year of intentional evangelism across our country and beyond.

We spoke to Dave Plowman, UK and European Director of the Luis Palau Association, to ask why he’s looking forward to Advance 2020 and why the Luis Palau Association is involved.

Why are you excited about Advance 2020?

Advance 2020 seems to be a part of what God is doing around the UK and the globe at the moment through a specific and renewed call to proclamation evangelism. Now is the time for us all to really go for it as we spread the good news of Jesus far and wide.This is a unified effort with everyone saying,‘what if we lay down our egos and our logos to see a specific year of evangelism in the UK?’

What do you hope to see happen during the year?

I want to see millions of people have the chance to meet Jesus for the first time and give their lives to him. I want to see the local church strengthen and grow evangelists, and for churches to work side by side for their towns, villages and cities. I also hope that there is a real variety to the evangelism. It doesn’t all need tobe big gatherings or one-off events, but also one on ones, dinners, social action projects and many other forms of outreach. But it’s about more than just next year. Through Advance 2020 I’d love to see a shift in our culture and mindset that sees every believer grasp that evangelism is all about relationships and a kingdom-driven lifestyle, and needs to be a priority for them.

Why did the Luis Palau Association want to get involved?

As organisations, we have been friends for a very long time – dating back to Festival Manchester in 2003. And together we have been dreaming about the releasing of evangelists across the globe. For us, this includes helping to see Advance groups launch in as many nations around the globe as possible. It is an exciting time and we want to help in any way we can to see God’s plan come to fruition.

Could you tell me more about Advance groups and why our readers should consider joining one?

Groups are at the heart of Advance. They’re all about sharpening, encouraging and equipping one another for evangelism. So, if you have faith that the gospel has lost none of its power, a desire to communicate the gospel with clarity and long for opportunities to share the gospel with others then Advance groups are for you.

Want to find out more about Advance 2020 and Advance groups? Head to advance2020.org


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