Reimagining Evangelism at “Burning Man”

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By: Whitney Bauck, Wheaton Magazine

I pull oversized goggles over my eyes and secure the bandana covering my nose and mouth. Squinting, I follow the outline of the caped man on the bike in front of me as a blinding dust storm threatens to render me sightless. Human forms covered in fur coats and blinking LED lights pass me on bicycles as we move forward, and a looming shape that turns out to be a giant shark-shaped car pumps electronic music into the swirling desert wind around us.

Dr. Rick Richardson, director of the Wheaton College Graduate School’s M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership program…keep reading here.

About the Author

This article by Whitney Bauck--Wheaton 2015 alum--was originally published by Wheaton Magazine, Winter 2016.

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