Racism Is a Sin Church Must Confront for Gospel to Move Forward, Bishop Claude Alexander Says

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Bishop Claude Alexander, senior pastor, The Park Church, Charlotte, North Carolina led a discussion on race at the “National Discussion on Race” Conference convened by Movement Day Global Cities at Bethel Gospel Assembly in New York City in 2016.

Alexander says, “No American city is absent from the possibility of being in the national spotlight as it relates to race unless you happen to live in one of those states where there is no racial or ethnic diversity,” he said.

Anyone interested in doing ministry in cities he said, must understand the complex forces at work when it comes to the issue of race in cities.

“For any Gospel-centered city movement to have integrity and relevance, the matter of race must be addressed. And so you might ask, where do we start, where does one begin in this?”

Read Alexander’s complete call to churches concerning racial reconciliation.

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