One Minute Encouragement for Working Christians

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At Work on Purpose (AWOP) began in 2003 as a small group of Christ followers meeting together about work as worship. God blessed those early gatherings, and the number of participants grew steadily to become dozens, then hundreds, and eventually thousands of “everyday working Christians” from all over Greater Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

Today, At Work on Purpose has emerged as an innovative citywide marketplace ministry model that mobilizes the Church at Work across church homes, denominations, zip codes and ministries. While we remain headquartered in Cincinnati, we are now supporting the development of citywide marketplace ministry across the world.

One of the resources AWOP provides to encourage everyday working Christians is a collection of 52 one-minute audio recordings called The Marketplace Minute. Designed for listening over the 52 weeks of a year, the segments of “Marketplace Minute™” are organized around four spiritual struggles at work, with a practical perspective on process steps that provide for a solution:

  • Segments 1-13: Calling versus Career
  • Segments 14-26: Righteousness versus Compromise
  • Segments 27-39: Improvement versus Stagnation
  • Segments 40-52: Stewardship versus Ownership

Listen to the first Marketplace Minute, click here.

Learn more about The Marketplace Minute, click here.

About the Author

At Work on Purpose (AWOP) ignites the faith lives of working Christians, envisioning a day when every working Christian embraces work as worship.

AWOP was founded in 2003 by Chuck Proudfit. Chuck uncovered a consistent set of spiritual struggles faced by working Christians, and a compelling set of spiritual solutions straight from God’s word. Collectively, these insights formed the framework for At Work on Purpose®, a ministry that has grown rapidly to have a global reach.

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