Are Big Gospel Events Still Effective?

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By: City Gospel Movements

At the Palau Association, we are passionate about evangelism.

When we say “evangelism,” we mean the communication of the gospel message. It is our mission to share the gospel message in clear, creative, and winsome ways and invite people to respond by following Jesus with their whole lives.

We exist to communicate the gospel, and also to train the Church to evangelize with cultural relevance and big faith. One of the main ways we equip the Church in evangelism is through hosting large scale gospel events. We view large scale gatherings as an effective way to not only proclaim the gospel but to catalyze unity amongst local churches, and elevate the citywide conversation on evangelism in a lasting way. But we also know there are mixed feelings about big events.

Large scale gospel events are one tool among many that celebrate and accelerate what God is doing in a gospel movement. This resource communicates the impact and relevance of large scale gospel events on the:

  • Individual
  • Citywide Church
  • City

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