How to Put the Community in Community Development

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We sat down with Detroit-based non-profit leader, Chris Lambert, to talk about his story and the organization he founded–Life Remodeled. Life Remodeled exists to bridge people across divides to help transform each other’s lives through large scale community development work.

Chris is a leader who does not shrink back from stepping out on massive ventures. We know you will be inspired by hearing Chris’ story and challenged to re-envision how to build bridges across divides in your community.

Hear Chris speak to these important topics:

  • How do you choose which neighborhood to invest in?
  • How do you mobilize thousands of (in Chris’ case, 10,000) volunteers to serve for an entire week?
  • How do you move from serving a neighborhood to serving with a neighborhood?
  • Who are the three types of indigenous leaders you look for in a neighborhood to ensure that community development work is sustainable?
  • You have a “Go Big or Go Home” way of leading. What are the pros and cons of this mentality?
  • Who do you go to when seeking counsel? What are the characteristics you look for in board members?
  • What is the best advice you have ever received?

Listen to the conversation here:


Links Referenced:

Life Remodeled website

Be Undivided Documentary – the story based in Portland, Oregon that inspired Chris to shift from remodeling homes to mobilizing communities to invest in schools.

Toxic Charity – book that offers new models for individuals, churches and organizations to engage in thoughtful community development

When Helping Hurts – quintessential read on how to engage poverty


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