How the Marketplace can Advance the Gospel

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Discussion is stirring in the marketplace on matters of work and faith. Questions arise like: how can we impact our cities through our work? How can the Gospel really apply to this space? Can my good ideas actualize into reality? Praxis Labs is working with individuals to answer these questions and turn their ideas into practice. Praxis Labs is “a creative engine advancing redemptive entrepreneurship.”

Redemptive entrepreneurship can be defined as, “leveraging personal and organizational power for the sake of others; leading and growing ventures that join God in renewal of all things, in all sectors.”

Praxis Labs has different avenues to venture through. One opportunity is the free Praxis Course–a six-session video and discussion series that equips leaders to create “redemptive leadership.” The course includes a variety of topics:

  1. We Create: discusses entrepreneurs rooted vocation in the biblical narrative. It explores why we create and how we often fall short.
  2. From Love: focuses on the most powerful motive of redemptive entrepreneurship: love.
  3. For Restoration: reorients how you lead and create through the mindset of how the world was designed to exist. Learn how to change not only the world, but also the self.
  4. Through Sacrifice: teaches how the gospel requires us to lay down our life which also must be applied to the workplace. This topic reveals how sacrificing helps others flourish.
  5. With Hope: discusses how entrepreneurship requires an abundance of hope; this hope only comes from the Lord and trusting in him.
  6. In Freedom: teaches that there is a permission from God to try new things in freedom, not fear.

Learn more about the Praxis Course by watching the video:

If you want to learn more about Praxis Labs and all of their initiatives visit them here.


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