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By: Mission Increase Foundation
April 4, 2018

Mission Increase Mission and Results

Mission Increase (MI) helps Christian nonprofits implement a proven, biblical approach to fundraising so that those nonprofits can more fully achieve their God-given missions.

In 2016, MI worked with more than 1,600 nonprofits and helped generate $122 million of new income for Kingdom work. Of the nonprofit leaders engaged in the full teaching, coaching, and consulting elements of the program, 88% report seeing increased stability of financial resources and 86% are serving more people as a result of their work with MI.

“In short, what Mission Increase teaches works.” —
2009 study of MI program, conducted through Baylor University and Sagamore Institute


The MI program works because it pairs a biblical theology of asking, giving, and receiving with actionable, tactical fundraising skills nonprofit leaders can put to use right away.

It shifts the thinking from working with givers to GET something from them to inviting givers into a work God is doing. In fact, nearly 90% of ministries who have engaged with the full MI program report they now approach fundraising as ministry to the givers God has sent them.

Then, through teaching, coaching, and consulting—on topics ranging from major gifts to acquisition and from communications to ministry leadership–MI equips nonprofit leaders with practical fundraising skills.

In 2016, the 250 nonprofits who had most fully implemented the MI program saw an average growth of 70% over since they started with MI (average growth of $448,452 per ministry).


With nearly 20 years of history, the MI program has been proven to work right away, over time, across and across geographic regions and sectors.


Nonprofit Spotlight: Benchmark Adventure Ministries (Nashville, Tenn.)
In one year with MI Middle Tennessee, Benchmark Adventure Ministries—a ministry that works with veterans, churches, and schools through interactive experiences and outdoor adventures—saw a 64% increase in income, and that translated to serving nearly twice as many people.

“As a leader, I can silo. MI helped keep me on track and look at the bigger story. I needed the accountability. That was the breakthrough.”  –  James Evans, Executive Director of Benchmark Adventure Ministries.


Nonprofit Spotlight: Alpha PDX
Alpha PDX, the Portland expression of Alpha USA, started working with MI in 2009 when their income was around $15,000. They have continued attending workshops, accessing consulting time and have received two MI matching grants. In 2016, Alpha PDX raised $117,600.


More than 2,067 nonprofits currently are being served in 11 MI communities around the U.S. and 5 additional teaching sites

About the Author

Mission Increase exists to equip givers and Christian nonprofit ministries to transform their communities together. MI’s program teaches ministries to embrace and deploy a biblical approach to fundraising so that (1) ministries are more fully achieving their God-given missions and engaging more of God’s people in the work, and (2) communities are transformed and more lives are transformed for Christ.

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