One Thing We Can’t Help but Talk about in 2019

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By: City Gospel Movements
January 18, 2019

In 2017, we gathered with leaders in our own city of Portland, Oregon to reflect on the last 10 years of the gospel movement. We celebrated the strong pastoral relationships that have continued to flourish and the community service that has made the city better. However, one of the weak areas that was identified was evangelism. We had not been nearly as intentional about evangelism as we had been about our efforts to serve the community.

We don’t regret the last 10 years of service work, especially because of the way that showing up and following through on commitments has forged strong relationships of trust with leaders across the city. But as the Luis Palau Association, we sense a unique responsibility and hopeful opportunity to ensure evangelism is an integral distinctive of city gospel movements—starting in our own city. In the years ahead, we are motivated to put more intention behind citywide evangelism training and gatherings all the while continuing to serve the city with passion. 

This excitement is largely due to the Evangelism Team we began piloting in 2018. The Evangelism Team acts as a catalyst to keep evangelism a central part of the Portland gospel movement. We want to freely share what we are learning and encourage every city gospel movement to consider forming an Evangelism Team.

Below is a short PDF you can read to learn how we went about forming an Evangelism Team so that you can begin prayerful conversations in your context.

Click here to listen to Kevin Palau explain the Portland Evangelism Team at the Organic Outreach Conference.

Stay tuned in 2019 for additional resources on creating a culture of sustainable citywide evangelism.

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City Gospel Movements is a ministry of the Luis Palau Association whose mission is to celebrate and accelerate collaborative gospel work in cities around the world.


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