Elevate the Conversation on Evangelism in Your City

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By: City Gospel Movements

“Communicating the message of the gospel in culturally relevant ways is necessary to the flourishing of our cities. We’ve experienced a renewed conviction and enthusiasm for sharing the gospel in our own city of Portland, Oregon. Through passing on what we have been learning, we hope to elevate the conversation on evangelism in citywide movements.”

– Kevin Palau, President of the Luis Palau Association

We want to invite you on a journey of creating a culture of sustainable citywide evangelism. In the article: “Elevate the Conversation on Evangelism in Your City” we share about our stage in this journey. This is a much shorter, simplified version of the Evangelism Team Guidebook. Access the free resource below to:

  • Learn what led us–the Luis Palau Association–to pilot an evangelism team in Portland, Oregon.
  • Discover the theological and practical reasons for prioritizing evangelism in gospel movements.
  • Understand the steps we took to form an evangelism team.
  • See how other cities around the world are piloting city and region-wide evangelism initiatives.
  • Receive a step-by-step guide to form an evangelism team in your area.

Elevate the Conversation on Evangelism in Your City

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We hope this resource sparks conversation among leaders and churches in your area. You are not alone in your desire for every individual in your community to hear the gospel in winsome, relevant and holistic ways.


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