Let’s Talk About COVID-19 & the Economy

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By: City Gospel Movements

Every gospel movement has been impacted by COVID-19, but one of the greatest stressors many of you have shared with us is when it comes to these impacts is finances. This is why we have gathered some best practices and reputable resources to share with you. We hope they are helpful during this time.

These opportunities vary from short-term relief financing, job security, working from home resources, best practices for marketplace, and training for pastors and churches. We hope these resources help and you can share with others!

*(TS) Some of these are time sensitive

Financial Relief

  • Horizon’s Stewardship guides churches and denominational groups across the country on creating financial campaigns and stewarding their resources. During this time they have created a list of resources in response to COVID-19, but the most helpful section is on the CARES ACT which covers everything you need to know about the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • The mission of At Work on Purpose is to mobilize the work world for Christ. They are offering ways to get and give help in response to COVID-19. This includes job displacement, virtual work, emotional distress, emergency financing, prayer support and more. To give help or get help, learn more here.
  • (TS) Church Relief came to exist through many organizations wanting to support churches who are struggling financially to stay open during this crisis. Although they are not accepting applications right now, you can be put on a list that will be sent to larger churches that are willing to support. Apply and learn more here.
    • On May 15th, you can join a simulcast (see PULSE Facebook) where funds will be raised. The goal of this effort is to raise funds for at risk churches where 100% of proceeds will go to those most at risk. This process is being governed by the National Christian Foundation, with $3,000 grants being distributed as funds are available. Already, $400,000 has been raised, but there are already requests for more than 1,000 churches meaning there is a total need of $2,700,000 and growing. You can donate here.


  • If you have contracts that need to be renegotiated during this time our friend Juan Castaneda wrote a 7 step guide on how to do so during a crisis. Download a free resource “Renegotiating Contracts in a Time of Crisis: A Litigator’s Perspective” from Juan Castaneda here.
  • The New York Times held a webinar on running a business during the pandemic, you can listen to the 40 minute conversation here.

Pastor & Church Resources

  • Made to Flourish is a network of pastors who seek to encourage and resource each other to integrate faith, work, and economic wisdom for the flourishing of our communities. They have weekly events on topics ranging from pastors supporting workers in their church to how COVID-19 is going to have a racial economic impact. You can register for them here.
  • The Global Faith and Work Initiative has created  a tool for helping church and ministry leaders plan pastoral care for those who have experienced work disruption from the COVID-19 crisis. This page includes upcoming webinars, devotionals, helpful sermons, and guidebooks for overcoming disruptive work, view the page here.

Job Security

  • This article from Common Good, a magazine by Made to Flourish discusses the importance of how we view our faith when there is no work. Read, “Faith, When There is No Work” by Aaron Cline Hanbury.
  • (TS) CrossPurpose, located in Denver, Colorado, is a non-profit that focuses on abolishing relational, economicand spiritual poverty through career and community development. They have created a whole page of resources for jobs and financial support in the Denver area. You can see their resources here.
  • A pastor in Boston had an idea to start Tülbelt, a platform to connect homeowners with home service providers. It is the Uber for all your household needs. The goal was to make a way for Christians to post projects that can be fulfilled by those who need a job in their community. You can learn more or sign up for Tülbelt here.
  • Flexible job opportunities during this season:
    • Door Dash works with local businesses to deliver food from restaurants to people’s front door. You can learn more about working with Door Dash here. There are some other apps like Door Dash to consider looking into as well like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Postmates.
    • Similar to restaurant delivery services, are grocery delivery services that you can sign up for. The most popular we know of is Instacart, sometimes this takes a little longer to sign up for, but we encourage you to learn more here.
    • Amazon is also responding to COVID-19 by raising the salary of their employees and hiring more delivery workers. Learn how they are responding and how to apply for a job with Amazon here.
    • Many local grocery stores are hiring right now as well. Contact your local stores to find out if they are hiring.

Working from Home

  • LinkedIn has been creating a list of the best tips for working from home long before COVID-19, but they knew many of us are new to this. They created a list of resources here for those of us that are new to working from home.
  • Harvard Business Review wrote an article at the beginning of quarantine on how we can be preparing for social distance working during this time. The article, “15 Questions About Remote Work, Answered” has great ideas for those of us who are still adapting to new rhythms.
  • Watch this webinar, “Kids Discuss the Coronavirus Pandemic” from The New York Times to hear from teens on how they are coping with COVID-19 and how parents might be able to support them during this time. This can help parents who are working from home.
  • Parents, these tips for working from home with kids can help when you are feeling the pressure of entertaining and educating your kids in this unprecedented time. Read the article from Vox here.

There’s a lot of information here… we know! We’re trying to stay on top of it for you and hope it keeps you from having to look for it yourself.

We’re here for you and still cheering you on,

The City Gospel Movements team,

Kevin, Stephanie, Lizzie, and Kaedyn


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