What is a Gospel Movement?

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By: City Gospel Movements

What is a gospel movement?

It is important for people who want to move in the same direction to share common language and definitions. Why? Because language enables stories and stories determine destinies. Our desire is for every believer in every city to hear the story of the citywide Church engaging in society, and clearly understand how they can step into the gospel movement narrative in their locale.

If you’ve been involved in gospel movements for a while, we want your passion for the citywide Church to match your capacity to communicate the vision of gospel movements. If you’re new to the concept of gospel movements, we want you to understand what a gospel movement is and recognize you have a key role to play!

We define a gospel movement as:

A united, holistic, sustainable effort by the citywide Church to seek the peace and prosperity of their city (Jeremiah 29:7).

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What is a Gospel Movement?

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