Community Service is a Lifestyle Caught not Taught

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By: City Gospel Movements

“Life remodeled is helping the community because some people don’t have the tools to clean up their neighborhood… it’s a blessing that not everyone gets” -Faith Latham, Cody High School Student

Life Remodeled is an organization working to serve communities in Detroit, Michigan. Their mission is to bridge people across divides to help transform each other’s lives through larger-scale community development work. They play a key role in the Detroit community, investing $5 million in projects each year and partnering with over 300 different businesses, churches, and community organizations.

In 2014, Life Remodeled focused on the neighborhoods surrounding Detroit’s Public Schools. With the help of over 10,000 volunteers, Cody High School received a complete makeover, getting a new Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) lab, medical simulation lab, a revamped home economics room and a brand new $1.2 million synthetic turf football field. They also helped with cleaning and beautifying the entire facilities and surrounding Cody Rouge neighborhood where students walk to school. Many students from Cody High School have seen the impact this made on their school and are now looking for ways to get involved with Life Remodeled so they can also pour back into their communities. Watch the video below to hear how these students are paying the generosity forward.

“It helps the environment, it helps us out, it helps people see that they can make a difference inside of their community “ -Davaughn Smith, Cody High School Student

You can learn more about Life Remodeled projects and their impact in Detroit here.


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