Church Unity in an Un-churched City

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By: Alpha

Todd Proctor (Church Networks Director at Alpha, and former senior pastor at Rock Harbor Church in California) and John Mark Comer (Pastor for Teaching and Vision at Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon), sat down for a few minutes to catch up on the surprising unity amongst churches in post-Christian Portland, OR.

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  • I love this piece on church unity, so critical to our world today!

  • John Mark, thank you for sharing. Where does the 3-4% church attendance # come from? I’d like to use it for some analysis that we are doing in Rockwood. Our #s are MUCH higher, and I’d like to understand why. Thanks!

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    • Thanks for your question, Brad. We’ve reached out to find the answer to your question. We’ll let you know what we find out.

    • Brad, John Mark is back online early next week. He’ll do his best to respond in a week or two. Thanks for reaching out!

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