Audio Drive Tour in Fresno, California

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By: Andrew Feil, Every Neighborhood Partnership

What is the Audio Drive Tour?

The Audio Drive Tour is a set of 3 self-guided drive tours with 56 different local speakers that tells the stories of real people in Fresno, California. The tour launched in January 2018 and was created by Every Neighborhood Partnership in Fresno, California.

Why an Audio Drive Tour?

To impact Fresno you have to love Fresno.
To love Fresno you have to know Fresno.
To know Fresno you have to explore Fresno.

Vision For Drive Tour

This project is birthed from the many stories and people Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP) has worked with over the years. We wanted to tell their story.
We want you to know just a few of the thousands of people in our city of good faith and good will that are working hard to love and serve our city.

Hopes and Expectations

This is not about guilt, shame, or any ulterior motive. We serve our city because Jesus served us. We love others because he loves us. Our hope is that a story you hear resonates deeply with you. That it encourages you in your journey of loving God and others. That you are spurred on to love and good deeds.

Our hope and expectation are at a minimum; 1) that you are exposed to new areas and ministries in our city, 2) that you would pray for these people, places, and issues and; 3) that for some of you that you would join them in their work in our city. Your story and journey is unique, but we know God has good things in store for you and for others as you seek the prosperity of the city! (Jeremiah 29:1-14)

Feedback from Participants

“I have lived in Fresno my whole life and I didn’t even know about some of these things. This tour was great and has valuable information!”
– Haley Medina North Fresno Church

“The tour made Fresno come alive. It created a shared knowledge of the good and bad things of Fresno.”
– Daniel Garcia First Presbyterian Church

“The tour introduced me to the richness and significance of our city that I drive by or ignore.”
– Jesse Micu River Valley Church

“An eye-opening experience for people who have no idea what Fresno really looks like and for people who want to know what good is happening!”
– Daniel Garcia First Presbyterian Church

About the Author

Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP) was formed in January 2008 with a desire to see churches holistically engage every neighborhood so that schools are supported, students excel, families are healthy and whole and neighborhoods thrive. ENP partners churches with elementary schools and their surrounding neighborhood, equipping them to serve through their active presence in the community.

What started out as a small sports program evolved into a ministry that addressed low test scores and high poverty. ENP now involves literacy, mentoring and community outreach events. Volunteers from the church became more connected to the neighborhood while discovering many opportunities to be involved in the lives of the community. Other churches began asking about these partnerships and how they might do something similar. ENP desires to see these ministries and partnerships replicated throughout the city.

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