3 Necessary Components of Mature Gospel Movements

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By: City Gospel Movements

We know every gospel movement looks different (and if you are still wondering what a gospel movement is, learn our working definition here). We have spoken with over 300 leaders around the globe and have noticed some gospel movements have thriving prayer networks and others have incredible service projects happening in their city. We love championing any collaborative gospel work like prayer and service initiatives. But as we considered what a mature gospel movement looked like, three main components arose as core essentials:

  1. prayer,
  2. service,
  3. and evangelism.

Gospel movements can ebb and flow in their level of emphasis on some of these components over others. We help leaders ensure prayer, service and evangelism are all integrated into the story of their city so that the gospel movement is truly united, holistic, and sustainable.

In this resource we lay out what happens when you have too little of an emphasis on one or a couple of these key components.

Read our resource, “3 Necessary Components of Mature Gospel Movements,” and you’ll:

  • Identify which of the 3 components you’re currently focusing on with our info-graph
  • Learn how to practically move out of focusing on one or two areas and into all three
  • Find out about the sweet spot in which mature gospel movements sit


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