What Kevin Palau has Learned After 10+ Years in Gospel Movements

Kevin Palau has been working in gospel movements for 10+ years! He is the President of the Luis Palau Association, a practitioner in gospel movements, and a cheerleader for dozens of cities. Kevin also happens to be our boss which means we could not pass up on the opportunity to sit down with him to ask him about everything he has learned through the highs and lows of the last decade.

In this podcast you will learn what Kevin really felt when he and his dad, Luis Palau, were driving to meet the Portland mayor for the first time; the key themes Kevin notices in gospel movements in every city; what Kevin advises to do when momentum wanes—you may be surprised; the one message Kevin wants to relay to leaders around the world; the development in gospel movements Kevin is most excited about for the future. 

Listen to our conversation with Kevin or read the show notes. We are confident you will be encouraged and motivated to keep believing in what God can do in your city!