Visionary Women: Hannah Gronowski on Young Generations

Hannah Gronowski is the Founder and CEO of Generation Distinct. Their mission is to equip young leaders to discover the wrong they were born to make right. How cool is that?

Hannah is a young leader herself, but is using her voice to be an advocate for the upcoming generations. She is a regular contributing writer for Ed Stetzer’s blog “The Exchange” for Christianity Today and the Global Leadership Summit Blog. We were so thankful to grab a moment with Hannah. She often travels to speak at churches, conferences, college campuses and youth events.

Jump into this conversation to learn about:

  • The 4-step strategy Generation Distinct created to coach young people to discover their passion.
  • The significance of multi-generational relationships (hello, mentors!).
  • Why your existence is an invitation from God to do something great.
  • The necessity of diverse perspectives in collaboration.

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Hannah, the traveler.

At age 24, Hannah is speaking across the country at schools, churches, and conferences to share the message God put on her heart. We love to hear the truth of how hard, yet rewarding this has been for her. Hannah says, “It’s not as glamorous as it always seems.” She has noticed every call has a unique sacrifice.

However, Hannah doesn’t feel like sacrifices diminish the call, but instead validates it. Of course every person has a different call on their life, but few are really living their call. Maybe the sacrifice seems too big, but Hannah has confidence that if we are stepping into what God is calling us to, it’s worth it. Sometimes her peers who are also young leaders, speaking at events, ask, “Can you believe this is what we get to do with out lives?” It can feel surreal.

Generation Distinct(ly) living out their calling

Generation Distinct is a nonprofit and everything they do is built on the idea that young leaders want to live a life that matters, but don’t know how. Hannah says, “We want them to discover who Jesus really is.”

So often the younger generation is being told that in order to shake up the world and make a difference, you have to do something outside of the Church. Hannah believes that’s just not true. She believes Jesus is inviting followers into the wildest adventure of their lives–something she thinks is compelling to young people.

By leading young people on practical 4-step journey to discover their passions, Generation Distinct believes this experience will likely intersect them with the person Jesus and the passions He cares about too.

Hannah started this nonprofit when she felt frustrated and confused why her peers were leaving the greatest adventure, Jesus. Just like us, she believes that God is concerned and involved in the justice issues that matter to Millennials and Generation Z.

Pursuing Multi-Generational Relationships

On our own team, we have the pleasure of pursuing multi-generational friendships, but we know it’s not always easy. This is why we wanted to know more about Hannah’s experience pursuing relationships with the older generations. She’s shares how she took initiative to reach out to established leaders to ask them questions about leadership. She tells of an Executive who was shocked to find out she wasn’t asking for anything other than to learn.  “The older generation gets excited about the next generation when we just want to learn.”

Hannah didn’t know what was going to come of these meetings, but when the Executive she met with learned she just wanted to learn his posture softened towards her and he has become one of her biggest advocates for her ministry. When we think of multi-generational relationships, Hannah says, “It’s our job to pursue the growth we want to see and it’s our job to show up to see it happen.”

That buzz word… collaboration

Of course we have to ask about collaboration. Gospel movement leaders… aren’t you curious what the younger generation is thinking about when it comes to collaborating? For Hannah, it doesn’t matter what the younger generation thinks about it, she says, “The next generations need to be committed to collaborating.”

Hannah’s heart is for people to link up and realize we need each other because we don’t have the full picture. By not having the full picture, “it forces us and compels us into places where we sit down and we fight for unity.” There are different levels that we have to fight for unity too and one are Hannah is passionate about is with diversity. “We have to invite diverse perspectives because collaboration means ‘I’m not claiming that my perspective is truth.'” Yet we value the diversity of others and the different perspectives that God has allowed them to have to make a greater impact when we become united.

Stay in touch

Are you feeling as fired up as we are after the conversation with Hannah? We are so excited to see what God is doing in and through her. If you want to stay in touch with Hannah and Generation Distinct, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Hannah’s Instagram, and Hannah’s website.