Visionary Women: Ebony Small on Discipleship

Ebony Small is the Vice President of Multiplication at PULSE Movement. PULSE is a ministry committed to awaken culture to the reality of Jesus. Prior to joining the PULSE team, Ebony was the director of Movement Day Expressions at For eight years, she played an integral role in the growth and development of Movement Day Expressions, an initiative that is globally serving over 40,000 city leaders! Not only has Ebony lead the way in other jobs, she is also an excellent communicator, preacher and you might just see her speaking at conferences like the Q Conference, Amplify, and more. Ebony has a distinct passion for women and next generation leaders which we are excited for you to hear more about today! She currently resides in the Bronx, NY and is a Pastor at her local church.

Let’s jump in friends to hear Ebony share how she is creating innovative ways to engage with upcoming generations. Tune in to hear:

  • Her conviction for discipleship.
  • How ‘not enough time’ shouldn’t be an acceptable excuse.
  • Her new book, “The Leader in You”, coming out in June 2020.

Always a new role

A fun fact about Ebony Small is that never has she been hired into a role that already existed. Every job that Ebony has had has been created when she started and continued even as she has moved into other roles. Ebony says, “This has truly been a gift that God has placed in my life.” The most recent role Ebony has stepped into is Vice President of Multiplication at PULSE Movement. Pulse is a ministry based in the United States that is focused on awakening culture to the reality of Jesus. They are passionate about raising up a next generation of disciple makers that are multipliers for the Kingdom and bringing people to know Jesus.

At Pulse, they are creating innovative ways to reach the next generation. Ebony shares how exciting it is to have interns, nights of igniting youth in Minneapolis where they are headquartered, a YouTube channel and so much more. In her role, Ebony is overseeing how their current initiatives are scaling and increasing in depth and breadth. This was a huge leap for Ebony as she transitioned from her former role at, where she served for 8 years leading gospel expressions in cities around the world.

A different kind of leader

Ebony is uber passionate about young people and is determined to stop seeing the trend of young people leaving their faith. Ebony says, “I don’t think young people are leaving their faith in Jesus. They are leaving the pretense of what Church has become where we don’t talk about real issues, things that might be too political, or may be taboo.”

From her experience working with young people, Ebony knows they want to know how to live out their faith in the context of where they are living their lives. She submits herself as a leader to understand and wrestle through the hard questions with younger generations. Through this side-by-side process she is able to learn alongside with them and not critique them. Ebony says, “I have submitted myself to become that type of leader. I might not understand everything they are questioning, but I want to humble myself to learn with them.”

Ebony hopes that she won’t be a leader who provides politically right statements or a lot of fluff. She wants to be a different kind of leader which drives her every day in uncomfortable spaces, but deeply gratifying spaces as well. For example, she created a life group with 14 emerging leaders. This group was able to walk through topics like: what does it mean to be a young person today, mentorship, and hard life challenges. “There were tears and victories, but none of that would have happened if I was too busy,” says Ebony, “God is amazing in that He finds the depth of capacity and grants you the ability to do what He is calling you to do.”

This generation needs people to invest in them and walk with them. They have changed Ebony’s outlook and how she views her ministry, and knows God is asking us to make this investment.

A Labor of love

Ebony has put all of her wisdom into a book! The Leader in You is about allowing God to cultivate the leadership skills we have while we navigate the regular course of life. For Ebony, writing this book allowed her to take a step back to see how she views leadership and see how it has affected her life. “I have been the recipient of amazing leadership, from so many amazing mentors, and directors at work. I have been able to sit in places of leadership where you get to go to conferences and listen to incredible thinkers who help shape your view. ”

She could not have written this book alone, it was done in community and with the help of coaches and her own experiences. Ebony explains, “The crux of the book itself is an opportunity to see how all the experiences of your life, whether they are deemed, good, bad, or indifferent are God’s meting pot of forming you and the leader God wants you to be.” She hadn’t thought through all the ways her life had shaped her into leadership until she wrote this book. Ebony wrote this book with young leaders in mind and if you have a young leader in mind, share it with them!

Stay in touch!

The Leader in You is available for pre-order now and will be arriving in stores June 2020. You can stay in touch with Ebony here and follow her on social media here.