If You Want to Change Your City, Get Off Church Property. feat. Roger Valci

It wasn’t until Roger Valci stepped into a collaborative space of faith-based, government, and independent non-profits that he realized he had been doing it wrong. This was how the Church was supposed to function, in collaboration, with everyone from the city. Roger made a change and started taking his church off the property to serve alongside those already serving the city.

Today, Roger is a pastor at Valley Christian Church and founded CityServe of the Tri-Valley. He sure wears a lot of hats (engineer, film maker, author, educator, etc.) and brings them all to the table in this conversation.

If you want want to learn how to get off church property to impact your city, listen to this episode. You’ll:

  • Be motivated to take your church off its property to make significant impact in your city.
  • Learn why Roger church has listened to every homeless person in their city.
  • Hear Roger share his deep conviction about the role of the city in the Bible.
  • Learn how 27 churches are working together as one non-profit.
  • Uncover why the local government gifted Roger’s non-profit over $800,000.

Not an auditory learner? You can read show notes here.