No One Ever Died of Embarrassment. You Won’t Either. feat. Rowena Cross

What happens when you come to faith and you realize God has gifted you with a big mouth? According to Rowena Cross, you use it! After learning about the love of Jesus she stepped into ministry with her husband Ron and takes every opportunity she can to tell people about Jesus.

Rowena also founded Esther Ministry where she equips Christians to use their gifts for the Kingdom.

You will love Rowena. She is one of our team’s favorite people. We guarantee she’ll make you laugh! You’ll feel challenged and inspired to share the greatest news ever told.

You do not want to miss this episode, where you’ll:

  • Learn how luke-warmity is eradicating our desire to share our faith (and how to overcome it).
  • Learn how to build a culture of evangelism in your church leading up to a large evangelism event.
  • Discover why Rowena says, “I don’t convert people.”
  • Hear stories of how Rowena shared the gospel with a young businessman, an Uber driver, a woman struggling with alcoholism, and more!

Not an auditory learner? You can read show notes here.