Evangelism Listening Tour Episode 3: The Results

We end the Evangelism Listening Tour podcast series breaking down the nine key findings from Portland Evangelism Report. The first two episodes in this series described what an Evangelism Listening Tour is, how to do one, and how to analyze the interview data.  

In this third episode, you’ll hear Lizzie Burke (Luis Palau Association), Kirk Petersen (Alpha USA), Josh Chen (CRU), and local pastors reflect on the nine findings that give a fresh commentary on the state of evangelism in the Portland, Oregon area. This episode comes from a call hosted earlier in 2021 introducing the Portland Evangelism Report to 80 Portland-area pastors and ministry leaders so the audio may sound a little different from the previous two episodes.  

To access the Evangelism Listening Tour Toolkit, the Portland Evangelism Report, and other evangelism resources visit www.citygospelmovements.org/team.