Pastoring in the 2nd Most Dechurched City in America feat. Jesse Bradley

Jesse Bradley had dreams of being a professional soccer player until he was 40 years old. He traveled to Scotland and Zimbabwe pursuing this dream, but when his health took an unexpected turn, his life direction shifted to full-time ministry. Jesse is currently the Lead Pastor at Grace Community Church in the Seattle, Washington area. He is a pastor with a unique passion for evangelism in the 2nd most dechurched city in America. Pastors in a spiritual landscape like Seattle know they must link arms with each other to share the gospel across the region. Towards this aim, Jesse participates in the Seattle gospel movement through a collective of pastors and ministry leaders called Saturate the Sound.

In this episode you will:

  • Hear how a world religions class at an Ivy League school guided Jesse to Jesus Christ.
  • Learn how to adapt your model for ministry depending on the spiritual landscape of your city.
  • Learn the cohort model Seattle-area pastors are implementing to share the gospel with the entire city.
  • Discover how to find others in your city with a citywide vision and a collaborative spirit.

Listen now or read the show notes here.