How Consumer Insights Strengthen Gospel Movements feat. Jessica Chin

Jessica Chin has spent her career in the fast-paced global retail world. She specializes in marketing and is driven by her dual passions of consumer driven insight and social impact. She’s led a retail expansion for a Fortune 100 company in Asia, and spearheaded a campaign for the 2018 women’s World Cup. But what matters more to Jessica than interacting with big brands, is living out her faith in the place where she works.  

In this episode, you will:

  • Hear Jessica’s stories of living our her faith in the Asian marketplace.
  • Discover how living out your faith in Asia differs from the US–you’ll be surprised!
  • Learn how Jessica incorporates prayer throughout her work life.
  • Understand how to change the culture of your organization regardless of your position.
  • Find out the unique strengths marketplace leaders bring to gospel movement work because of their professional experience.

Want to follow along while you listen? Read show notes here.