Enroll in City Gospel Movements 101 feat. Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly is the President and founder of For Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their mission is to unite the church and transform the city. Rob’s story is not unlike others we have heard. He was a pastor for 13 years and began to have a burden for the lack of unity among the faith community in his city.

Rob is also a fantastic teacher! So, everyone will want to get their notebooks and pens out because we just enrolled in City Gospel Movements 101.

In this podcast you will:

  • Learn how Rob’s desire for unity led him to a second and third conversion…(he promises he isn’t a heretic!)
  • Discover the three questions Rob asks every pastor in his city to find if they should work together!
  • Hear a paradigm for platforms in gospel movements that will help include any city movement leader.
  • Learn why data is so important for gospel movements and how Rob is using it in Charlotte to further gospel work.

Want to follow along with show notes? Find them here.