Do the Impossible with God in Your City feat. Adam Durso

Adam Durso, from New York City, is the Executive Director of LEAD.NYC, a member of the Clergy Council, and on staff at the Christian Cultural Center. LEAD.NYC is an organization that focuses on equipping and training NYC-area pastors, marketplace and ministry leaders. They do this through nurturing leaders, uniting congregations and inspiring Christians to integrate faith into every aspect of their daily life. Listen to this episode where you will learn:

  • How Adam witnessed a New York youth revival and the impact it had on the city.
  • What you need to be a neutral convener in the largest city in the U.S.
  • How ESPN’s “30 for 30” inspired a 30 hour gathering for pastors.
  • Ways to encourage mega-pastors to work together as ONE Church.
  • How LEAD.NYC is using data to measure the impact of NYC-area churches in 10 zip codes.

We know you will be inspired by this conversation so dive in and listen or read the show notes.