How the Founder of Sackcloth & Ashes Is Changing the Stigma of Homelessness feat. Bob Dalton

Welcome Bob Dalton, CEO and Founder of SackCloth and Ashes to the podcast. Bob has a saying that “sometimes the right thing isn’t always the logical thing” and we might have to “dabble in the crazy to make an impact.” It just took Bob Dalton two seconds after reading his coffee sleeve, “What are you waiting for?,” to decide he was going to act on this crazy idea to make an impact in homelessness.

Bob started Sackcloth and Ashes in 2014 when he felt like God was directing him to follow his crazy and bizarre idea. They sell amazing blankets and then donate a blanket to a homeless shelter in your area! Bob is passionate about supporting grassroots organizations and local efforts.

In this episode you will:

  • Hear Bob’s personal story with homelessness and what inspired him to start Sackcloth and Ashes
  • Discover why Bob says, “I’m not a businessman, I am an activist.”
  • Learn how Sackcloth and Ashes is planning to “Blanket the United States” by 2024
  • Find out how Bob overcomes failure… it’s probably not how you think