An Entrepreneurial Pastor with Only One Goal. Feat. Chuck Bomar

Friends, welcome Chuck Bomar who lives in Portland, Oregon. He is the Founder of Colossae Church which now has five locations across the Portland metro area. Chuck is passionate about embedding the gospel in the city and he does this through school-church partnerships, speaking, writing, consulting, and more! You might think he is overcommitted, but he promises he is doing only one thing: embedding the gospel in a city.

In this episode you will:

  • Discover not only how to partner with your local school, but the school district as well.
  • Find out why multi-congregational church planting is working
  • Hear Chuck’s excitement for the future of the Church in our cities.
  • Uncover who is the most underestimated person in the school district that you need on your side!
  • Learn how pastors can encourage and equip the business people in their church.

Want to read show notes along the way? Find them here.