Bringing Hope to Public Schools feat. Bob Lenz

Bob Lenz from Life Promotions wanted to be a dump truck driver when he graduated high school. However, God had another plan for Bob. Even though he still wanted to go work with trucks after going to Bible school he ended up being a public speaker.

Bob shares the Gospel with students across the nation through anti-bullying and suicide prevention assemblies. He empowers educators with curriculum he co-authored with award-winning teacher, Deobrah Tackmann.

We’ve held onto this interview with Bob Lenz since before the global pandemic, but it resonates now more than before. Bob is an advocate for students and loves them like Jesus even when he cannot mention the name of Jesus in public schools. In an isolating time like right now, we need to hear from Bob.

In this episode with Bob, you will:

  • Gain insight on why he never wanted to be a public speaker.
  • Hear how he instills the hope of Jesus in students without ever saying His name.
  • Learn why Bob says we need to stop evangelizing people.
  • Discover how Bob’s talks and curriculum have inspired the government’s Stop Bullying Campaign.