Barna Speaks on: Political Correctness, Generations & Sharing Your Faith vs. Evangelism feat. Brooke Hempell

You’ve heard, “Data is King,” but today we are talking with the queen of research, Brooke Hempell. Brooke is the Senior VP of Research at Barna Group  and manages the firms research studies. Prior to joining Barna, Brooke led market research engagements for clients in the pharmaceutical, financial services and retail industries for more than 15 years. She lives with her amazing family in Atlanta, Georgia!

In this episode you will:

  • Explore trends about Gen Z and Millennials (& how to activate them to be causal!)
  • Discover who “Resilient Disciples” are and why they make Brooke so excited for future generations
  • Learn how research helps us to develop more effective ways to share our faith
  • Find out what Barna knows about your city and how it can help navigate your ministry better!

If you want to read along with show notes, they are right here!