Listening Tour Toolkit

Within this toolkit, you will find essential resources designed to support and enhance your Listening Tour as you delve into pastors’ and city leaders’ perspectives on evangelism in your city. We’ve crafted this toolkit based on insights from E-Teams nationwide, ensuring that it equips you with the knowledge and tools needed for a successful tour.

Interview Questions: This section offers a set of refined interview questions that are intentionally broad to capture a snapshot of evangelism in your unique context. Feel free to adapt and personalize these questions to align with your E-Team’s strategy or specific city context. 

Interview Best Practices: Here, we combine best practices for conducting meaningful interviews and strategies to avoid common pitfalls. Use this guide to ensure your interviews are productive and insightful.

Notetaking, Transcription & Organizing the Data: Preserving interview insights is crucial. This section provides tips for note-taking, transcription, and data organization, setting the stage for thorough analysis.

Theming the Interviews: Data Analysis Quick Guide: Discover the power of thematic coding to uncover meaningful insights. We walk you through informal and robust thematic coding approaches, exploring their pros and cons. Additionally, we introduce various tools that can support your data analysis journey.

Additional Resources: You’ll find handy resources such as a notetaking sheet template, report outlines, and example Excel master data spreadsheets.

Feel free to personalize and adapt this toolkit to suit your needs and the tone you wish to set with your E-Team. Best of luck with your Listening Tour – may it be a valuable journey of discovery!

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