be the church IN the city. Let’s Lead in Crisis. you have a role to play.

Our team at City Gospel Movements knows leadership is hard work–especially in crisis. We all need boosts to stay bold, Kingdom-minded leaders. We also believe every believer has a role to play in their city.

That is why we are launching the #LeadInCrisis video campaign.

This campaign features 60-second videos from energetic, respected, articulate Christian leaders (yes, we’re looking at you) from around the world. Each leader will share one  principle that is guiding their leadership during COVID-19. These personal videos will encourage all of us to find our role in our cities, be the Church, and lead in crisis.

You’re invited participate in the #LeadInCrisis campaign. And trust us, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. To learn more, download our guide and see the sample video below.

Download the #LeadInCrisis Guidelines for:

  1. A step-by-step process to make and share your 60-second video.
  2. A selfie-guide for best practices on recording your video (you’ll look good, too!).
  3. A sample video script (fill in the blanks, anyone?).

Download the Social Media package to share with your video.

Sample videos