Laura NZiRimu

Laura Nzirimu was born and raised in the Portland metro area. With a degree in Human Services from Bethel University in Minnesota, Laura began her career in international nonprofits that focus on caring for vulnerable children, primarily in East Africa. 

Laura most recently provided best practices through research for faith-based organizations serving vulnerable children and families. After eight years of serving international nonprofits, Laura wanted to make the shift to working at a local and national level. This led her to the Luis Palau Association. 

As the City Gospel Movements Program Manager, Laura will oversee local and national research projects on gospel movements, craft best practice content for city leaders, and support the team’s strategy for elevating evangelism in cities. 

Laura still has a passion for vulnerable children. Her husband, Jeje, who is from Uganda and she enjoy traveling, reading, and making the perfect cup of chai tea together. 

Laura’s Favorite Resources:

  • The Portland Evangelism Report highlights nine key findings discovered through 50 interviews with local Portland-area pastors. Each finding includes quotes from local pastors, a detailed explanation, and actionable reflection questions.
  • Exploring Evangelism Myths podcast series, especially the first episode, Evangelism is unethical. Should we even be evangelizing? In this episode, we explore why people feel uneasy about sharing their faith.