Inability To Gather: Meeting Strategies To Combat Emergencies

If not coronavirus, there are myriad catastrophic events and forms of opposition that can affect our standing as an embodied church. As the Church addresses the questions “What could, what would, and what should we do?” we look to the resources and tools available to us, including technology.  The church can and is encouraged (Hebrews10:25) to continue connecting, and our gatherings can still have spiritual impact, even if they aren’t in a physical space.

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In this free 60 minute webinar, church online expert Jeff Reed, will address:


  • Developing a church online strategy – a critical ministry regardless of coronavirus
  • Online church services
  • Engaging community online
  • Keeping people on mission, even when you cannot gather in large groups


There will also be a time for questions and resource referrals.


This webinar is offered to all church leaders for free by Stadia Church Planting