Digital Evangelism 101

Join us for Digital Evangelism 101, a one hour webinar where you will hear from experts on digital evangelism in their various contexts. Our Luis Palau Association’s Digital Evangelism Director, Charlotte Sanchez will be moderating the panel which includes Jason Vanderground, Kirby Kelly, and Nick Parker.
Jason Venderground is President of HAVEN, the agency behind the “He Gets Us” campaign. He brings 10 years of experience from the largest marketing firm in Michingan. Kirby Kelly is a Lifestyle Content Creator who shares her faith through multiple social media platforms and hosts the podcast Bought + Beloved. Nick Parker works at Christian Vision where he serves as African Partner Manager in Cape Town, South Africa.
These individuals all bring unique styles of how they are sharing the Good News of Jesus. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn something new for your minsitry! Register for Digital Evangelism 101 on May 26, 2022 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET.

Register here.