City transformation must include both word and deed if it is to be truly transformative. We know this holistic engagement isn’t easy (in fact, we had to learn the hard way in our own city)! Find curated and original resources on evangelism for your city movement below.

You will also see us reference Evangelism Teams or (E-Teams), the Luis Palau Association’s strategy to help city movements guide their passion for evangelism toward collaborative action. Building a culture of gospel conversations in every city–this is what E-Teams are all about.

Evangelism Team: A group of strategic local leaders (including pastors, nonprofit leaders, evangelists, and other people of influence) in a city that are passionate about evangelism and act as a catalyst to keep evangelism a central part of the gospel movement through many different means.

Explore the resources below and email us if you have questions or want to form an E-Team in your city: 

Download the latest Evangelism Team Resources here. From “What is a Gospel Movement?” to “How to Gather Our E-Teams.”

Evangelism Research


Portland Annual Check-In


Columbus Annual Check-In


Portland Evangelism Report


Seattle Evangelism Report

Evangelism Listening Tour

Do you want to discover how churches approach evangelism in your cities? Check out our Evangelism Listening Tour Toolkit. Includes three podcasts and two documents to walk you through the process of learning about evangelism in your city. Find it here.