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Chris Gough

Light Up the Mission
Director of Church Engagement

Chris Gough, with Light up the Mission in Seattle, WA is Director of Church Engagement. Light Up the Mission’s purpose is “Connecting networks of local efforts to transform the Seattle region through the love of Jesus Christ. [They] feel this expresses [their] desire to serve Seattle in the love of Jesus Christ, primarily through connecting and collaboration with one another.”

Born out of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission desire to engage the Church, 25 city networks prayed Light Up the Mission into existence in 2014. The networks found several areas of need in the city that ache for the love and restoration of Jesus. They currently have many avenues for churches to engage with the city, you can find out more about these opportunities here.

Organization focus areas: Schools, Foster Care, Prayer, Homelessness, Local Church Networks

One of our greatest successes has been…

Encouraging and promoting church networks to flourish at a local level with local leadership, and to connect them with other local networks in the greater Seattle region. Through these connections, we are seeing the development of a regional narrative of God’s activity and celebrate the faithful presence of the Body of Christ. We are able to count the over 160 church/school partnerships in the region; encourage new partnerships, and provide fresh motivation for existing partnerships. We have launched the Foster Support Faith Alliance (FSFA), which has resulted in over 60 congregations adopting each of the 6 regional DSHS offices to support staff, launch Office Mom’s and Dad’s programs and collect donations for kids and families in need.

One thing we would not do again…

We would not think that we were the only game in town… and we would not shy away from being a game in town! We have oscillated between being too apologetic and being too quick to move without engaging long-time leadership.

One moment when I thought: “This is why I do what I do” was…

We had gathered each of our local conveners for a lunch in central Seattle. It was our first official gathering of this group, and we were not sure who might come. Everyone came! As the group went around the room sharing a celebration and a concern from each of their local networks, you could see the faith in the room rise. It was an emotional gathering and a harbinger of the power and joy of a Church who dwells together in unity.

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