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Meet some of the leaders behind city movements. Hear stories of what’s possible. Be reminded of the bigger story.


What’s the Deal with Millennials? w/ Grant Skeldon

Millennials have left the church. They frustrate their bosses. And they’re confusing their families. We talk with Grant Skeldon on why he believes his generation is far from hopeless. Grant leads The Initiative Network–a diverse community of millennials who are being trained as missionaries to their city.

Group of young adults covered in powder paint taking selfie.

But We’ve Never Done It That Way Before.

Pastors in Columbus, Ohio were hesitant to take another swing at citywide collaborative work. It hadn’t worked in the past, so why try again? Krista Sisterhen shares what motivated these leaders to say “Yes” once again. Rather read show notes with links? Click here!


Churches Pray Strategically for City. And See Answers.

(Part II w/ Steve and Patti Buss) Because Eugene churches prayed, the government acknowledged miracles happening in their city. This collaborative work has taught the Buss’ the significance of the whole body. Rather read show notes with links? Click here!


Longevity is Key to Unity

(Part I) Steve and Patti Buss lead a movement called the One Hope Network in Eugene, Oregon. One Hope’s mission is to TOGETHER pray, serve & share the Good News. They believe longevity is key to the unity they’re experiencing. Rather read show notes with links? Click here!

Steve lead

Characteristics of Leaders Who Turn the World Upside Down

Reggie McNeal speaks on themes he has researched through years of working with city leaders and now compiled in his new book Kingdom Collaborators. Hear his thoughts on collaboration, failing fast, curiosity, and soul care. Rather read the show notes? Get them here.

Man holds sign that says, "Do not wait for leaders. Become them."

“Pastors Don’t Graduate Past the Gospel.”

(Part II) Josh White—Pastor of Door of Hope in Portland, Oregon. We continue our conversation on evangelism asking: Who are the most exciting people in the Church? What’s the “X-Factor” that all evangelists have? And, what are your thoughts on the word: “evangelism”?

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“I wanted all the lame Christians to come to my church.”

(Part I) Josh White—Pastors Door of Hope in Portland, Oregon. We hear how Josh went from imitating Ziggy Stardust as a traveling musician to pastoring a church in Portland. He first heard he could preach when he was touring with his band. Now he leads a church that is raising the evangelistic temperature in a post-Christian city.

Inside of Door of Hope scattered with eclectic chairs and couches.

52 School Partnerships Thrive with Church as Anchor

Artie Padilla believes that if Every Neighborhood Partnership ceased to exist, most of the 52 neighborhood school partnership would continue to thrive because ENP has trained the church how to develop sustainable partnerships. Draw best practices for community development from Artie’s 15+ years leading in Fresno, California.

Group of about 250 student gather for group picture at ENP sports camp.

The Many Hats of City Gospel Movement Leaders

Ross Chapman leads the city gospel movement in Evansville, Indiana. He started the role without a job description and has worn many unexpected hats. He’s been a matchmaker, film producer and brand champion. Hear how Ross believes each of these roles has been integral in leading Kingdom work in his city.

5 hats hang on a wall above a wooden bench.

Is the road to city transformation through the marketplace?

Chuck Proudfit worked for 10 years to see pastors gather to discuss how their congregations are the church in the working world. He’s committed to seeing this conversation furthered. Chuck dreams of the day when all 350,000 working Christians in Cincinnati are working as an expression of their faith. He believes this would change not only the marketplace, but the entire city.

Business people walk across busy city intersection

Those Who Listen Become Leaders

Ross Chapman left his dream job to lead city transformation in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana. He began by meeting with leaders from every sphere of culture to simply listen to their stories and understand their hopes for Evansville. 200 meetings later, he says he’s still learning.

Ross Chapman with his two little boys and wife--family photo.

Unfulfilled Harvard Grad Starts Marketplace Ministry

Chuck Proudfit founded, At Work on Purpose, a citywide marketplace ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio. Find out who told this Harvard grad that he was flushing his career down the drain, and how he responded.

Chuck Proudfit stands next to At Work on Purpose logo wearing khaki blazer.

Church unity was his dream. They thought he was crazy.

Milan Homola and Anna Johnson represent Compassion Connect, an organization bringing churches together to love their neighborhoods. Listen as they share what motivated them to pursue church unity even though people thought it was a weird idea, and what calligraphy has to do with anti-trafficking.

Milan Homola and Anna Johnson in the recording studio with Stephanie Wieber of CGM.

Sharing the Gospel with Those Who Don’t Want to Listen (Sean DUNN)

How do you reach a generation that doesn’t want to be in the same room with you? Sean Dunn, Founder of Groundwire, is using technology and his 30 years in youth ministry to share the love of Jesus with those who thought they didn’t want to hear.

Young woman puts here hand to the camera with the stop guesture.

Pray. Then Become the Answer. (Dr. John Fuder Part II)

Dr. “Doc” John Fuder leads Chicagoland United in Prayer. Listen to the story behind the citywide prayer guide he wrote and how he’s leading Chicago churches to become the answers to these prayers.

Asian woman in crowd of praying people.

“Doc” Says Chicago is More Unified than Ever (Dr. John Fuder Part I)

Dr. “Doc” John Fuder leads Chicagoland United in Prayer. Doc moved to Chicago 25 years ago and says there is more unity now than he’s ever seen. Hear what tilled the soil for unprecedented unity.

Hundreds of people gather in an old church with stained glass to pray in Chicago.

Emmanuel Kwizera – Nairobi, Kenya

Emmanuel Kwizera (leader of African Enterprise) shares how Africa can no longer be known for being the recipient of foreign missionaries. Emmanuel says this new Africa is marked by bold, locally-owned evangelism efforts.

African women celebrating and smiling together.

Rob Kelly – Charlotte, NC (Part II)

As a type-A leader, Rob Kelly confesses why he’s given up trying to control everything, and explains how his leadership is stronger because of it. Rob leads a city movement called For Charlotte.

Rob Kelly – Charlotte, NC (Part I)

If you love theology, you’ll love Rob Kelly (leader of For Charlotte). As a prior pastor, Rob exudes a passion for knowing Scripture, but has found his sweet spot in helping leaders live out their beliefs so that their city is forever changed.

Introducing our Podcast Partner Host, Daryl Crouch

Meet our partner host for the podcast! Pastor, friend, learner, and city gospel movement partner. Drum roll, please…

Chris Gough – Seattle, WA (Part I)

City Gospel Movements speaks with Chris Gough of Light Up the City in Seattle, WA. Listen to what changed in Chris’ city movement strategy when no one showed up for a meeting he planned.

Chris Gough – Seattle, WA (Part II)

Chris Gough and City Gospel Movements celebrate a big “win” in Seattle and share how a failure in a school partnership taught Light Up the City how to set themselves up for future success.

Chris Gough – Seattle, WA (Part III)

Chris Gough reveals the unique strength the local church has to offer to a broken world, and describes Light Up the City’s unique relationship with the Seattle Union Gospel Mission.