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Meet some of the leaders behind city movements. Hear stories of what’s possible. Be reminded of the bigger story.


Sharing the Gospel with Those Who Don’t Want to Listen (Sean DUNN)

How do you reach a generation that doesn’t want to be in the same room with you? Sean Dunn, Founder of Groundwire, is using technology and his 30 years in youth ministry to share the love of Jesus with those who thought they didn’t want to hear.

Young woman puts here hand to the camera with the stop guesture.

Pray. Then Become the Answer. (Dr. John Fuder Part II)

Dr. “Doc” John Fuder leads Chicagoland United in Prayer. Listen to the story behind the citywide prayer guide he wrote and how he’s leading Chicago churches to become the answers to these prayers.

Asian woman in crowd of praying people.

“Doc” Says Chicago is More Unified than Ever (Dr. John Fuder Part I)

Dr. “Doc” John Fuder leads Chicagoland United in Prayer. Doc moved to Chicago 25 years ago and says there is more unity now than he’s ever seen. Hear what tilled the soil for unprecedented unity.

Hundreds of people gather in an old church with stained glass to pray in Chicago.

Emmanuel Kwizera – Nairobi, Kenya

Emmanuel Kwizera (leader of African Enterprise) shares how Africa can no longer be known for being the recipient of foreign missionaries. Emmanuel says this new Africa is marked by bold, locally-owned evangelism efforts.

African women celebrating and smiling together.

Rob Kelly – Charlotte, NC (Part II)

As a type-A leader, Rob Kelly confesses why he’s given up trying to control everything, and explains how his leadership is stronger because of it. Rob leads a city movement called For Charlotte.

Rob Kelly – Charlotte, NC (Part I)

If you love theology, you’ll love Rob Kelly (leader of For Charlotte). As a prior pastor, Rob exudes a passion for knowing Scripture, but has found his sweet spot in helping leaders live out their beliefs so that their city is forever changed.

Introducing our Podcast Partner Host, Daryl Crouch

Meet our partner host for the podcast! Pastor, friend, learner, and city gospel movement partner. Drum roll, please…

Chris Gough – Seattle, WA (Part I)

City Gospel Movements speaks with Chris Gough of Light Up the City in Seattle, WA. Listen to what changed in Chris’ city movement strategy when no one showed up for a meeting he planned.

Chris Gough – Seattle, WA (Part II)

Chris Gough and City Gospel Movements celebrate a big “win” in Seattle and share how a failure in a school partnership taught Light Up the City how to set themselves up for future success.

Chris Gough – Seattle, WA (Part III)

Chris Gough reveals the unique strength the local church has to offer to a broken world, and describes Light Up the City’s unique relationship with the Seattle Union Gospel Mission.