City Gospel Movements provides best practices and ongoing encouragement to leaders who unite the citywide Church and strengthen faith sharing efforts in their city.


We dream of a day when faith sharing is integrated into every aspect of city movements with the result that cities experience the transforming power of the spoken and embodied gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Guiding Convictions

Here are the convictions that get us out of bed each morning:

We get to spend hours each day focused on gospel movements globally and in our own city. We don’t consider ourselves the experts, but we sure do like to share what we’re learning.

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What is a gospel movement?

The term gospel movement is relatively new, so if you’re not yet sure what we’re talking about, this section is here to help.

Our definition for a gospel movement:
unitedholisticsustainable effort by the citywide Church to seek the peace and prosperity of their city.

Want to read our full explanation of a gospel movement?

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Function as one citywide Church made up of many diverse congregations

Serve the city with no strings attached and communicate the gospel with clarity and courage

Implement long-term strategies, rather than quick fix solutions; work across generations so the movement continues even as leaders come and go

Meet the Team

Kevin Palau

President + CEO of the Luis Palau Association

Role in the City: Master Networker

Chris Gough

Evangelism Team Lead

Role in the City: Master Networker

Laura Nzirimu

Evangelism Team Program Manager

Role in the City: Activist

Elise Galis

TogetherPDX Program Manager

Role in the City: Activist

We’ve discovered our role in the city. What’s yours?